55 Gallon Reef

I set up this tank in Late April of 2015 and started stalking it in late May. The majority of the corals are leathers and large polyp stony. Things are progressing fast and the livestock doing very well. I have taken everything I have learned and set up one small reef system, that I can disassemble when it comes time to move.… more

By Blane Perun

Belize snorkeling


Located in the eastern part of Central America, the country of Belize is home to picture-perfect post card views with its crystal clear water and premier vacationing environment. A long time oil based economy, Belize has grown in popularity among tourists that have really enhanced the quality of their economy. Between the beautiful climate, 400+ islands and a plethora of rivers and for rafting and kayaking, Belize has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of the Caribbean.… more

By Blane Perun

Islamorada snorkeling

Islamorada-Snorkeling-Blane-Peruns-TheSeaThe tiny 7 square mile island of Islamorada is located just off the coast of Florida in the northern part of the Florida Keys. The “Purple Island” as it’s translated to in Spanish, offers great beach destinations just a jump, hop and a skip off the United States mainland. While sport fishing is largely popular on the island, an often overlooked but great activity to try while on the island, is Islamorada snorkeling scene.… more

By Blane Perun

Punta Cana Snorkeling

Punta-Cana-Snorkeling-Blane-Peruns-TheSeaLocated on eastern shores of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is home to a plethora of water related activities such as catamaran sailing, sport fishing, swimming with dolphins and whale watching. However one of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed by tourists of all ages, is the exceptional Punta Cana snorkeling and exploring of the local reefs just off the Punta Cana shores.… more

By Blane Perun
coral farm My travels to date have taken me throughout much of the Caribbean to many wrecks & reef systems. While I have more exploration here in the future, I'm going to divert my travels for now to the far Pacific. I have included some of my best Caribbean dive photos here. After several years of traveling, diving and enjoying life I'm taking a two year break and decided to set up a small 55 gallon reef system. I'll be starting a new section to cover the creation of this tank.
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