Conger Eel – Congridae


Examining the Conger Eel – Congridae Species and Their Special Qualities

There are a number of stories about the conger eel – Congridae, as it is known by researchers, that make it one of the most feared varieties of eel in the ocean. Aggressive, fast, and quite dangerous to humans, this type of eel can also grow to imposing sizes. Their strong and often huge bodies can move with remarkable agility and help them


Garden Eel – Heterocongrinae


Learning the Secrets of the Garden Eel – Heterocongrinae Colonies and Their Main Qualities

Among eels, there are very few species with the versatility of the garden eel – Heterocongrinae, as they are commonly known by their scientific name. The garden eel is a relatively small type of eel that lives in the warmer regions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, featuring some unique behavioral and anatomical traits that set them apart


Moray Eel – Muraenidae


Introducing the Moray Eel – Muraenidae as a Widespread Cosmopolitan Eel Family

There are about 200 different species of moray eel – Muraenidae, as their family is known. This remarkably widespread marine animal can adapt extremely well to its environment, and its evolution is equally diverse: moray eels range between extremely small species measuring as little as 12 cm, to large, 3-meter eels that weigh in at more than


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