Mexico Coral Reef Maps

Map by World Wide Fund

Coral Reefs in Mexico – Fascinating Submarine Landscapes

Part of the great Mesoamerican Reef, the coral colonies of Mexico are situated on the northern extremity of the Pacific Ocean, providing excellent living conditions for a wide range of marine life species and fascinating people with the amazing way they shape the undersea landscape. The most important reef colonies here are: Cerebros, Calbo Pumo, Palancar, and Chunzumbul, all of them home to a variety of sea creatures.

The Reefs and the Surrounding Marine Life

  • Cerebros Reef is situated in the proximity of Playa del Carmen, and brain corals are the main components of the colonies. Shrimps, scorpion fish, lobsters and crabs are some of the sea creatures that can be met here.
  • Calbo Pumo Reef – This is the only coral reef in the Sea of Cortez, the fact that it shelters over 350 different varieties of fish and other forms of marine life leading to its inclusion in the Cabo Pumo Marine Park.
  • Palancar Reef – With a length of more than 3 miles, this is the coral formation with the biggest size in the Cozumel area. The underwater caves, crevices and ravines crisscrossing Palancar Reef offer the divers a lot of possibilities to explore the area, regardless of the level of their skills.
  • Chunzumbul Reef – Another extensive coral colony located near Playa del Carmen, it features hard corals on its top part. This is a rare characteristic for a reef, making this one to be special, not only in Mexico, but also as a part of the chain known as the Mesoamerican Reef.