Milan from Blane Peruns TheSea
Photograph by Blane Perun

Milan – A Cultural and Fashion Center for 600 Years

The city that provided the venue for the World Expo in 2015 and is the capital of Normandy, Italy, Milan was founded around 400 BC by the Celtic Insubres. It started flourishing after the Romans captured it in 222 BC, and it soon became the capital of the Western Roman Empire. It continued prospering during the Middle Ages, but it was almost completely destroyed in 1162, when Frederick I. Barbarossa conquered it.

In 1450, it became ruled by the Sforza family and gradually rose to be one of the most important cultural centers of the Renaissance. Milan was dominated by the Habsburgs for centuries, then it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy to become what it is today: a center of culture, fashion and industry.